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Starting Up - Review my profile and gig details


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Hi there, I was a seller two years ago on fiverr. But at last I deleted all the gigs and never visited till now. Now I want to get back. Lots of things have changed here. I have just setup my gigs. Can you please check my profile and gigs details and tell me where I have made mistakes, where I can make it better and give me some tips to improve. Thanks in advance.

I have got two messages till now but both didn’t accept the deal. Maybe I asked for lil bit more.

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  1. Get rid of “computer expert”, “want me to help you?” and “we can be friends” from your description.

  2. Hide your website design gig and focus on one area first. Once you become a Level 2 seller, you create gigs using your other skills.

  3. Gig images and gig description can be better.

  4. Improve your tagline too.

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Welcome back.

Firstly, don’t use a profile picture that isn’t you. Many people see this as dishonest and they think you will be dishonest on other things too.

Remove this from your profile : “More than that we can be friends too. :)” Buyers don’t want to be your friend, they just want to know you can do a good job.

You might want to lower your prices to be just below level 1 and 2 sellers for the first 50 reviews or so. At the moment, buyers are taking a risk buying from you because you have no reviews. You have to give them an incentive. Try to do some gigs in 24 hours for a short while.

Don’t give a cash-back guarantee. It makes it look as if you expect to fail. Same with unlimited revisions. 3 revisions is reasonable.

I didn’t understand this: “Time limit is the time till which I will keep making thumbnails for you.”?

You might want to hire a copywriter to help with your gig descriptions and the English in them.

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