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Who can do this gig? Animation and carton


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Im looking for a designer that can give me about 10-20 short videos of a character i got. The videos will be published on Facebook and Instagram from spring to christmas.
The videos will be of a character that recording a new record in the studio, , on stage playing live for a audience, just hanging around at a bar in Sthlm and getting in to alla kinds of trouble. The short video will be around 15-30 sec long.

I would like to get some people to try out for this gig.
I can pay around 15- dollar pers video.
The try out video will be when the character come in to a dark studio, the light is out, he puts on a headlamp… looks around on different instrument, goes to the drums and starts playing a 4/4 in 128 bpm hand just diggs the beat…

a picture of the character is uploaded as a pic.

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Maybe you can try posting in buyer’s request??

Be careful though, you might get flooded with messages, perhaps mainly from desperate sellers who are willing to get an order… and in some cases they are not actually that skilled. Be sure to take your time when deciding which person to ask!

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