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My Fiverr experience and tips for buyers and sellers


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Well I like to share my experience here on fiverr and some conclusions that may help you all especially to new buyers and sellers

I am on fiverr from last 9 months and I am seller as well as buyer for Programming & Tech

Few weeks ago I need some work to be done and for that I have ordered multiple gigs on seller request but he did not produce even closer to what I needed. I have requested him that if he is unable to understand the requirement than we may process mutual cancellation so I dont give him negative feedback but he keeps on insisting that he did what is required. I have tried my best to give him the chance to fix what is required but not succeeded and as a lost resort I requested the fiverr support to help in this regard as multiple gigs are involved. And after evaluating the complete situation fiverr Support Team cancelled those orders and I got back my money.

SO Moral of the story: If anyone get stuck on some situation like this that seller fails to deliver your minimum expectations, give him chances to fix the issue or ask him to mutual cancel if he still not address it than I think buyer have the right to give negative remarks. Its also good to report the issue to fiverr. They will evaluate the situation and if you realy did not get what you required they help you to recover you money

TIP for SELLER: Always try to satisfy your customer. Keep your communication clear and as much as possible. Give true facts and figure to the buyer. and if you feel you are unable to deliver than clear it to the buyer at first step to avoid any issues later. If still he did not satisfy than you have the option to request mutual cancellation. If you feel buyer is expecting more or hard on you than what you suppose to deliver than its good to tread him well and take help of the Support Team. If you are at right side they will defiantly help you so by this you can avoid getting unpaired negative remarks.

I usually explain every thing to my buyers and when I feel that the task can be stuck I communicate with buyer and clear all the situation and discuss the issues and mutual get to the conclusion. And so far I am successful so good communication and honesty with your buyer or seller is the key to success

TIP for BUYERS: Be fair with the seller. Well explain what you need to be done. keep good communication. Be on the supportive end and show flexibility to resolve the issues and conflicts. Give the seller a fair chance to rectify the issues. Never judge at the first go as may be seller have some genuine issue. Discuss with him/her clarify the situation. Never be hard on reviews especially if seller has tried to justify his work and did genuine efforts to resolve your issue.

Its good to take help from support as a last resort if you get stuck with some thing and there is no turn around.

Need you comments, suggestions and opinions for further learning

Thank you

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