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Three Golden Rules to be a Level TWO Seller on Fiverr


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If you are new at fiverr, you must be aware of fiverr’s Level Promotion policy. You must have read all these things on fiverr. Still not getting much order and that’s why not able to get promotion. To achieve level one badge is not so difficult. Level TWO requires some extra efforts. Here I am going to put light on three important points to become a level two seller.

1. Always reply to every single message of your client.

Yes, response rate is the first and important thing to start your journey towards success on fiverr. Try to reply to your customer’s message withing 24 hours. You credibility will be increase that way.

2. Try to solve matters with buyers.

We all deliver our best service to buyers but, sometimes, they want more. So, Try to understand your customer and look from their perspective. Our job finishes after getting a positive feedback. So make your customer happy and make him/her to post a five star review on your wall.

3. Avoid Cancellations

This is the most important point. To avoid cancellation. have a conversation before starting the order. You can write down your gig page for buyers to send the message before order placing. This way you both would have all the information about the order and can discuss with buyer weather you can do it or not.

So these three points are the golden rules to became a Level TWO seller on fiverr. Keep selling keep smiling. 🙂

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