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Please help me How to get more sell, Did't get :(


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is’t there any one for help ?

I can’t comment on all of your gigs, but I notice that you put a great deal of emphasis on your writing skills. One of your gigs offers a resume writing service. In your gig description you have this:

“Thus, I will join professionalism with my experience as expert to create a JOB-WINNING resume which will serve as your job ticket.”

That might have been well written in your native language and there is nothing wrong with that at all. The problem is, it doesn’t come off as professional writing in fluent English. You are going to have a hard time selling writing services in English. Perhaps for the gigs that are writing-based you could offer gigs in your native tongue?

For other ideas, look through the Improve my Gig section and you’ll see that many people have a long response from a user named blaisefaint. Although some of his posts are customized lightly, he includes a number of suggestions in his posts that anyone can use. I would look through his suggestions and try to apply them to your gigs. Good luck!

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I would recommend you to advertise your gig on different social media platforms and blogs. Write briefly about you and about unique services that you are providing in your gig, share the article with professional communities and online platforms. I am sure you will get a good response. Its Hardworking in the start but you had to keep patience. One more tip makes sure to stay live on Fiverr for the maximum time.I found it very positive as being available and not available.
In the end, Keep responding to buyer requests. Most of us get their first order from buyer requests.

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