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Suggestion for improving the notifications system


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In my opinion, there are many improvements to be made to Fiverr’s user experience but there is one in particular that I’ve been thinking of for a while that I think is both easy to implement and would have a large, positive impact.

Here it goes:

When a user receives a notification, the title of the website should be prepended by “(1)”.

Optionally, the favicon (that is, the icon that you see on top of the browser’s window, next to a webpage’s title), should change color or have a small badge of distinct color (preferably red) added to it (the way Upwork does it).

I think the integration of one or both of these features would significantly improve the user experience of both buyers and sellers.

There have been many occasions of me not realizing that someone messaged me or that I received an order because I am browsing other tabs and the notification sound is too short and too low to hear. A badge or the addition of “(1)” (or both!), I believe, would be far more effective in catching the user’s attention.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Please elaborate by replying to this thread.

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