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Press releases vs. Sales Letters!


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I thought I would share the difference between a Sales Letter and a Press Release. Sometimes I get people messaging me who have no idea what a press release for (in their words), and are unsure as to how they stack up against say, a sales letter.

Sales Letter - It’s a letter used to persuade someone to purchase your product or service. They will often have bold phrases and questions like “DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP BETTER TONIGHT?” and not be of a particularly newsworthy event.

Press release - This is for content that is newsworthy such as a new book release. You can also spin it so that’s a release about your product without explicitly selling your product. Such as you having a interior decorator business and sharing 10 ways to transform a room under $100.00. (Headline like “Dash Interiors Shares 10 Ways to Transform Your Room Under $100.00 this Summer.”) Then you would have a little bit about you at the bottom of the release. Press releases are submitted to newspapers, bloggers, magazines, radio stations, television and other forms of media.

There we go! I hope this helps people who are trying to choose between a sales letter and a PR.

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