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Yersterday I got my level 2 seller badge! and I feel so proud!


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Hi guys, how do you do?? I wanted to shout out the world that yesterday I got my level 2 seller badge!!! and I feel really proud!! thank you so much to Fiverr and everyone here for give me an opportunity to develop the skills in translations and linguistics I adquired at University 😃 Today I can say I’m one more translator in this vast world fill with amazing and so experienced people. Every work I have done here has been a step with I’m approaching everyday to my dreamt job! Become a translator of the UN!!!

I like to read and learn new things everyday, so as a professional translator I can say I will never stop learning! All years new words and expressions are created by natives around the world in all languages. Translator help people to communicate and don’t feel misunderstood or isolated. We love languages, even when these ones make us feel annoyed or take us to the hopeless feeling. Our efforts help this world keep moving so I feel proud of being part of something so big! All people here that have different likes and preferences are good enough to achieve their dreams so do it like me and keep moving forward!! Like Walt Disney said!!! Good luck everyone!!!

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