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4 more sales until I'm at Level 1 at last...:-)

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Hi all could you help me please,

To get to level one do you need to make 10 orders in a month?

So if one goes over a month no level one?

Why I’m asking this nowhere on the leveling instructions does it say the 10 sales must be made in 1 month read below

"You’ve been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Level One. At this Level, you’ll gain additional features making it easier for you to offer more advanced services and generate higher income. "

I have been on the site 6 months and have 11 orders. I have 100% rating and over delivery. I know its not that good but I find it hard to get people buying my gigs


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