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Who's Up for a Roast?


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For those not familiar a roast, for this instance, is comparable to verbal target practice. Though this may seem best suited for the other category, I feel its best here as this will be more of a conversation of sorts filled with back and forth.

Q: Why you?
A: Because its easier to target yourself.

Target: C’est moi.
For: [Gig](Mod Edit: Gig links allowed only in My Fiverr Gigs)
Why: Confused/Head Foggy

Only one with red arrows.


  1. Deconstruct, dissect, incinerate. Sugar Coating not allowed.
  2. Feel free to make up words to cover up bad ones; cupcakes was popular on another forum for word replacements.
  3. Answer following: Leave gig up or take down?

Okay then, let the roasting begin.

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