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The client can cancel the order using the consumer support


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Dear all,
This topic for all the sellers in fiverr,

I refused to cancel the order after I have started working on it. The reason for the client was that he needs no more the project after ordering it.

Unfortunately, the consumer support cancels it which I find not fear at all.
The customer support response was:

"Your order was reviewed and the buyer had asked to cancel it since they didn’t need the service anymore, being as the order wasn’t delivered, we proceeded to cancel it. "

“We reviewed the order and being as there was no delivery and the buyer didn’t need the order anymore, we can go ahead and cancel it.”

I did not find anywhere this rule in their policies, so be aware that you could start working on a project and just before completing it, the client can change his mind and cancel it.

Best regards.

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Yeah, this happens. And to be honest, you the seller are in the wrong: if the buyer ordered by mistake, or was kind enough to let you know before any real work was done and certainly nothing was delivered, then you should have agreed to refund the order.

Incidentally, when customer support cancelled that order, it didn’t affect your seller rating. Just pick yourself and carry on to greater successes.


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