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Unable to edit denied video

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So I have had this gig for almost a month now where “I try to hack your Wordpress website and create a report of the security flaws I find”. Things have been going great but since Fiverr v2 supported linebreaks inside the description text I wanted to “clean things up” a bit and also add a FAQ.

Said and done, I edited the gig and added some FAQ’s and linebreaks. A few hours later the gig got denied due to the video I was using.

It is the exact same video as I have been using for a month with no changes what so ever. I did not try to replace it either. I simply added some linebreaks and FAQ’s to the description.

A bit bummed out about the gig being denied I tried editing it to remove the video to at least get back online with it. Well, it turns out you can’t edit the gig. If I click edit all that happens is the “manage your gigs” view reloading.

So now I’m a bit stuck here. I got denied but can’t make any changes.

Also, I have two similar gigs as well. I updated both of them in the exact same way (changing linebreaks and adding FAQ’s) and they are just fine. They got approved within hours. They however, do not have any videos.

I have contacted the Fiverr support team a couple of days ago, but I guess they are overloaded with queries and thats why I turn to the community for some kind of support.

Any tips for a Fiverr rookie? How to I move forward to get my gig back online?

Best regards


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A similar thing has happened to me because my gig image was not of high enough resolution. Now I can’t even edit the Gig to change the image, but worse, I can’t even copy my description to create a new Gig. Looking forward to what is poposed as a solution, here (and very frustrated with this image policy, btw).

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