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All Sellers - Take a Look Around, Do you Know What's on Offer?


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So this post is about something I haven’t mentioned before - Knowing what is available on Fiverr.

Today, I was working on a large SEO job for a client and it struck me that his website could really benefit from a video - most websites can - but this one in particular is aimed at school leavers so target audience is 17 and 18 years old and you know those kids love their videos. I mentioned this to my client who told me that he would love one but he doesn’t have a budget for it but may look at doing it in a few months time. That could have been the end of the story but I know one of the people I buy from regularly does really nice, low cost explainer videos. I suggested this to the client and he was amazed and delighted so he immediately told me to go ahead with it.

This is not the first time this has happened and I like to think I have helped many of my clients way beyond what I did for them. Most appreciate it a lot. I browse Fiverr occasionally to see what is new and what I haven’t seen before. I also check out the gigs of anyone on the Forum who seems even somewhat responsible or professional and bookmark those which may interest me in the future or if it is a unique kind of service. This helps me know what is available and also be able to either direct buyers to other sellers or even include a service along with what I am offering as often it is simpler for me to do that rather than try get the client to order and me to coordinate it.
Do I make loads of money reselling services? No, often it is just break-even, but it gives the buyer a better experience and as a part of a larger overall job, it gives a much better result for the client. It is a great way of ensuring that you keep a regular client and ensure a new client will come back to you.

The final benefit is that it brings up Fiverr’s reputation. The client I mention above came to Fiverr because he read an answer I gave on Quora in April last year. He was a new user to Fiverr and now he is likely to use the site more and more. At some point he will tell people about the experience he has had with me and the great video (still to be made) that he got as part of the deal. Hopefully those people will come and buy from me but if not, I think they will at least look at Fiverr as an option.

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