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The 20 character thread


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[20 Characters] Rule 01 No punctuations
[20 Characters] Rule 02 Space dont count
[20 Characters] Rule 03 Must relate to 5R
[20 Characters] Rule 04 No emoji allowed
[20 Characters] Rule 5 Only 20 character

[20 Characters] Here is what I have so far

[20 Characters] DJ lost his head in Texas
[20 Characters] Mila loves to translate
[20 Characters] Jenny the psychicbunny
[20 Characters] Writer nine 9 zero 2 five
[20 Characters] Maddie loves her horsie
[20 Characters] Crystal will cast spell
[20 Characters] Zeus live in Tokyo Japan
[20 Characters] Annai does chipmunk vos
[20 Characters] Prounounce Eoin as Owen

[20 Characters] Display buyers reviews
[20 Characters] Millionaires 5 at a time
[20 Characters] Paypal chargeback suck
[20 Characters] I want five star reviews

[20 Characters] I am new how to get orders
[20 Characters] I am TRS read 5Rs academy

[20 Characters] Capitalquality from NZ
[20 Characters] Why such a long username

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Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. 😦

I thought it would be fun to see what everyone can come up with using only 20 characters!!

Oh, well, you never know until you try!

** MODS: Please close out this thread. **

Thank you/

And why do you think that? (20 characters 😁)

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Rule 02 gets no much love

Rule 02 gets no much love

I know, right? Well, it sounded fun in my head. Now that I see it - it’s confusing and not as fun as I had thought it would be.

Oh, well. It’ll die out in an hour or two and be replaced with new buyers and sellers asking about all the glitches on Fiverr. I accepted an order and it’s showing up on my seller’s window as “Outstanding” - he messaged me so I need to find out what that’s all about.

I was off work today so goofing off on the internet.

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