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Buyer placed an order by mistake


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Hi, my buyer has placed order twice. due to a technical glitch he was not able to place at once so placed another time. but at my end two orders are created. one which he placed has no requirements attached. he wishes to cancel that order. order status is showing “incomplete” for that order. now how he can cancel it and get a refund ? he has no option to cancel ? if i accept cancellation by depute, will it affect my profile ratings ? just want to keep my client happy let me know how can we help him for cancellation of his order.

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I guess your options are either mutual cancellation, as to if it will affect you:
one of a couple of recent forum threads on the changes (mutual cancellations counting for cancellation rate now, but supposedly it´s for your own analytical etc. benefit and won´t affect ranking, but read yourself):
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Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed?

Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed? I have completed all orders and I am usually at 100%. It suddenly dropped to 92%. I think this happened to me once before and it was a bug. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this...

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or you or your customer could open a ticket with Customer Support and have them cancel, though I guess that will result in the same as mutual cancellation.
If you want to be sure, probably it´s best to ask CS, if you want to be fast, mutual cancellation saves you the wait for a reply.


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