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Question for sellers: How to avoid cancelations with unresponsive buyers?


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I was looking for similar questions like this in the forum search, but had no luck. Simple question, I’ll give you my current situation. I have 5 orders from buyers, all of which either didn’t provide information, or ordered incorrectly (or in the wrong gig all together). I’d love to complete these orders, since the delivery date is drawing near but after several messages to each of them, they’re not responding. Either they haven’t been online in days, or they’re avoiding messaging me, since I can see they’ve recently been online…

I have an express gig, and the buyer isn’t responding. The time is only getting shorter by the second!

The questions: Who, if any of you, “deliver” your orders to stop the clock?

Thus, avoiding cancelation all together so you can get the work completed and actually delivered to the buyer? I don’t want to say it’s a tactic, or have it appear that way, because I in no way want the buyer to think I am trying to take advantage of them, but I want to complete their order for them, but we as sellers have a timed deadline that needs to be met where things need to be delivered.

Does anyone do anything differently?

Keep it mind, I’ve already sent 2 messages to each of these buyers, one each day. I’ve explained to them that I either need more information, that this is resulting in delays, etc. Thoughts, tips?

Since I got my Levels back after lots of hard work, I want to try everything possible to avoid cancelations, without seeming like I am trying to take advantage or not supplying my buyers with completed work.

Any methods or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you! 🙂



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I also have 2 orders in which buyer never sent any instructions.

I guess i will let them remain like that, if i cancel it will increase my cancellation.

They are not affecting me or my rating or my levels if they remain in my TODO List as countdown is not started and they are still in INCOMPLETE status.

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Guest matt_garry

I get these all the time and in my opinion if is just free money deliver explain to them why you did this and then forget about it:)

if they are not responding that is a good thing;)

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Reply to @matt_garry: With all do respect Matt, but I would never do that or recommend it. Taking advantage of a customer or the situation is extremely unprofessional. No only with buyers get word of your seemingly manupulative actions as seller, by taken advantage of the situation at hand, but you can easily be reported by the buyers to customer service and have your account and the funds revoked. Treat people how you want to be treated my friend, if that sort of thing happened to me as a buyer there would be no way I would ever want to work with you again.

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