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Topic a Day for November 7: What Other Enhancements to Messaging Could Be Considered? [ARCHIVED]

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Okay, I’m way overdue for this post.

#1 I’d like to be able to “hide” just a part of the history. After someone is a customer for a long time, the thread gets hugely long. So the ability to either delete parts or hide parts would be very helpful.

#2 I’d like to be able to “mass” archive messages.

#3 I’d like messages from people who "cannot be contacted because they’re gone or because of privacy abuses to be deleted from my history.

#4 I’d like not to have these messages I cannot archive or delete because of same. If a message cannot be opened, it should be auto archived.

#5 I’d like not to have these “ghost” unread messages.

#6 I’m with you on the need for folders. Would really help with setting timely follow ups.

… Tag you’re it!

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