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New Seller here and I have a question. If you are making a video for the buyer


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Hi lisashannon

I do videos too. Delivery depends on the file size.

If you have a video up to 100 MB you can deliver through Fiverr box (when you press on DELIVER button, then upload your video).

If it is larger then you can upload your video at dropbox (for free) and share the link with your buyer (always through the Fiverr delivery box!). Or you can use zippyshare (also free) but there you can upload up to 200 MB. I bought a video here on Fiverr by the legendary OldBittyGrandma from whom I also learned about this 2 methods. There are more free servers, such as Adrive.

About video format, I use MP4 (29fps). It depends what your buyer needs and it is good that you write something about that in your gig description. If it something simple 720 x 480 p is OK (SD). For better quality I use 1280 x 720 (HD) MP4

And for best quality AVCHD (1920 x 1080)

all the best:-)


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