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What would be the best move in this situation?



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    • I would invest in equipment
    • I would invest in paid advertisement

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Hello Fiverr Family,

I wanted to stop by and ask some advice.
I am a voice over artist and I produce dj drops.

Note: I have a good amount of finances saved up in my account.
The question I wanted to ask is should I invest in better equipment or should I purchase paid advertisement.

To give you some context of my situation:

  • The reviews for my work are excellent
  • I get a lot of reviews saying they like the quality
  • I am currently using a usb mic plugged directly into my computer
  • I am also using Adobe Audition which works well for me
  • I have been producing music for about 25 years
  • I am getting on average about 1 order a day.

Let me know what would you do?

  • I would invest in equipment
  • I would invest in paid advertisement


Thanks for your time.

  • Pastor Dre
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You have a great voice. Most of your intro videos show a hard sale style voice over. You may consider displaying a soft and a medium to broaden the types of projects. There is alot of business on the serious business side.

It’s hard to hear any problems when you have alot of background music.

I have a big recording studio, but for fiverr jobs, I use a AT2020USB with a wind screen mic directly to my mouth. How you use of the microphone is more important than the cost. Your getting a great sound. I would always be watching out for Hiss, Room Noise and Voice Echo.

Pick your best gig.
What is your difference in impressions and clicks?
What is your conversion rate? The difference in clicks and sales.

Impression to click is strengthened by your attractive thumbnail
Conversion rate is strengthened by how you present your service through the video intro, description, competitiveness of the offer.

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It’s all depend upon you!
I am a Social Media Expert, and i know things about Social Media Promotions.
Let’s take an example here:
"If you promote yourself on Social Media, there are high chances to increase your sales by 2-5 orders per day only if you use targeted niche and the best keywords. BUT If you don’t use right tactics, you will waste your hard cash and you will also waste your time."
We as a Social Media Experts, doesn’t give our buyers any guarantee that they will get sales, but we give them 100% Guarantee that they will get impressions, Unique peoples will reach out to their Businesses.

There are many options in Paid Advertisements, like what you want from your ads, what’s the motive. So you have to choose very carefully.

Now, let’s talk about the 2nd Option here:
(BTW I don’t know anything about Audio Equipments)
Competition is 200% Increasing… every minute, every hour!!
You have to create more and more good and high quality content to be ahead from your Competitors. Whether your customers satisfied with your services or not, you have to create better content then your last work. For that you need more Professional Equipments. More good content = Sales!(Increase in revenues)
That’s why i said it’s all depend upon you what you really wanna do in the next step of your business.
If i am at your positions, i will choose more money in "Audio Equipments."

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