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Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed?


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I was aware of the new seller policy. That’s why I told my ordered by mistake nugget to hop along and annoy CS. It’s if orders that are delivered on time can count as not delivered on time if buyers ask for revisions which worries me.

I also had another bug where I created a new gig yesterday only for it to vanish. It hasn’t come back so I created it again, only for my gig count to say 12 instead of 11 now.

Perhaps if nothing gets fixed we could just phone the Israeli SPCA to have them finally go round and see if the cat in control of it all is actually okay.

Hm. I don’t think revisions really count with the delivered on time metric. I mean, I know they never used to, but now maybe they changed it. At 95% myself I can’t really test it (I am on week 2 of a revision because the silly moo ordered a website review then locked it behind a screen. Honestly, I’d just cancel now, or deliver based on my review of her lock page, but NO…that would be BAD.)

Anyway. disappearing gig sounds like the wonky to-do list (check your manage orders daily, as the to-do list is also on the fritz! Along with at least 1 page in the help center (google "request revisions Fiverr and click on the same page; my money’s on the fact you’ll be told access is denied).

I say we neuter the stray cat, as it has no idea what it is doing.

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This is not a bug! It’s just part of their new algorithm

But I delivered my Oder at time and it also get automatically completed in 3 days. But after two weeks it get cancelled.

This is a direct loss for me, because I delivered my work to buyer. What I can do about that ?

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