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How to start getting orders?


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Hi jediknight95 and welcome aboard 🙂

Just visited your gig. It seems you can do a great job. But unfortunately there are too many similar gigs on Fiverr. So my humble opinion is that you need to make people see that you are … unique. Unique in the way that you do your job and at the way you (over) deliver. As matt_garry said, a video always makes a difference. Because it is unique! So, as you have a very friendly face, use it! Tell people why they should prefer you out of hundreds others. And show some proof. Why not read on camera a small text you have written?

Wish you all the luck !

happy gigging 🙂


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Guest andrap

I’ve only joined 4 days ago, but if I were to give you any advice, is to try and expand the gigs you are offering; I’ve had around 10 sales in 3 days since I joined, and one of the main reasons I believe that happened is because I offer a lot of gigs, which makes my name pop up in searches on fiverr quite often.

Your gig looks really good, but if you’re passionate about writing, then why not try to offer a similar service as well-maybe writing reviews, essays, or short stories?

Another tip would be to use the “Requested gigs” feature and offer your services to buyers on fiverr as often as you can-they might not lead to sales, but they get you noticed!

Best of luck!

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