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Leveled Sellers and Top Rated Sellers, how many of you have had a HUGE drop in orders?


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Would like to get an accurate assumption of who and how many of Fiverr’s best sellers are extremely frustrated and disappointed in the HUGE drop in sales since the V2 roll out. My Featured gig: http://fiverr.com/dtongsports/mention-your-website-business-or-play-your-audio-ad-up-to-30-seconds-twice-on-my-weekly-radio-show-for-1-show-as-well-as-be-included-as-a-sponsor-for-that-show-and-blasted-2-my-social-network was at the top of the Advertising/Radio category in the old Fiverr, and now with the new Fiverr I cannot find my gig on that page/subcategory at all!!! I was the originator of Radio Advertising for Fiverr over 2 years ago, have completed over 2000 orders with 100% positive rating and no one in this category is even close!

Please express your concerns and state how much business you have lost on Fiverr and why…

Thank you.


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