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😱 Looking for Feedback on My Proofreading Gig, Particularly from Proofreaders


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Dear Fellow and Mellow Fiverr Forum Participants:

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I’ve decided to offer a proofreading gig.

It’s been about 30 years since I was a proofreader professionally, so I’ve been hesitant to test these waters, but I need to try something new.

I’m looking for 2 things:

  1. general feedback on the clarity of the gig description, video, images, etc. I’ll be beefing things up over time with Frequently Asked Questions and a couple of pdfs.

  2. a quick tutorial from currently active proofreaders on Fiverr as to what Buyers expect and how the process works (because I’ve never done this digitally before – I’m old school, like your Mom). I assume Buyers will be okay with just the correct text, as opposed to screenshots with the standard proofreading marks.

Thank you,

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