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DASHBOARD is useless


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Alright, let’s get rid of the dashboard and instead rely on the quadrillion email notifications with next to no information that Fiverr sends out a day!

I for one can see my productivity skyrocketing along with my blood pressure. Win, win and win!

The dashboard may not be as sexy as you wish it to be, but it’s functional and serves its purpose well enough. If you would like to be bogged down with metrics, I recommend starting your own Fiverr clone with those metrics enabled and enjoy your yuge success there.


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OP is a buyer…

My eyes were blinded by el clickbaito title.

I don’t know what a buyer dashboard looks like, but I imagine it just shows you any gigs you’ve ordered for easy access and that’s it.

TBH, this post is somewhat invalidated by a feeble complaint without illustration: what useful metrics are missing? What metrics should and could be added to improve it? What makes it so spectacularly useless that it needs a thread to shout it out loud and proud?

As an addendum, there are plenty of services for Amazon that add extra metrics that the big A don’t display. With my complete lack of knowledge on apps like this, surely some enterprising software bod could design one and sell it for $5 $50? I will help with the marketing guffalocks for a free copy!

Thus ends the only useful post on this entire thread. May OP take note on how to complain and discuss things properly, and perhaps also note that he’s moaning at a bunch of malcontents and meksells, and he really should address this to http://support.fiverr.com in order to enjoy a satisfying round of canned platitudes from the company itself.

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