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Gig design and rights


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It depends on the seller. If no other mention is made of rights, the Fiverr ToS specifies that the buyer gets all rights automatically. If the seller does mention that some rights are extra, you can buy them. Some sellers write it in the gig description, some use an extra for Commercial Use, and some just include it in the price.

As far as any kind of guarantee, there is really no absolute way to guarantee anything with an anonymous transaction like this. You can scan for your design some time after the gig is complete and if you ever see any sign the seller has used all or part of it, you should file a takedown notice and notify Fiverr Customer Support. I have made a lot of purchases on Fiverr and I’ve never found a seller stealing my content afterwards. When I purchase something that costs more than a few bucks or that I really need to stay secure, I do tend to buy from sellers with a long track record and good reviews.

I hope that helps!

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