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Please Help! Why can i not contact the seller?


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here’s the story, I need a website for my small business, and I contact a Seller Named: (sarah******)
I asked if she could build me a website, and i told her that price didn’t really matter because she has good reviews,
we had a great conversation, and I got everything she needs for the website. on the deliver date, she messaged me and said the domain was not working, I asked “what do you mean”? she told me to contact my domain host(bluehost), so i did, bluehost said everything was fine, and i ask sarah***** why can’t she upload the website. she said she will fix it, she needs couple more days. I said OK. couple days later, I was trying to contact her for the update, the Inbox message said “this seller can not be contacted at this time”. i tried to click on her profile, and it not showing. so what is going on?

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