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I am just looking for someone to draw a circle around a scanned picture and write in the words “prosperity society” a simple project anyone can do with photoshop. I don’t own photoshop so just looking for someone to do it.

I browse the logo designers. All of them seem to be from Pakistan or somewhere (I can’t find any from the U.S. or West Europe). I ask them if they can draw a circle and none of them can do it. Some of them reply that they will do it, then never follow up or reply to me after several days. Or later come back and say it is too hard.

I can’t understand if you don’t know how to draw a circle in photoshop, how can you do anything? I’m not sure what is going on. I am at the point of not using this site anymore because there seem to be 5,000 “artist” on here without even the most basic skills. So if you want to know why you can’t find work-

This seems to be a place where people from Pakistan or India will “make” a design for you for $5. Their design actually is some copy paste job. There should be some way to search for higher quality designers or at least search for ones that live in first world countries.

If I can’t find someone that can draw a circle for money, and I have been on here for over a week, I don’t know what use is this site?

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Gee, even I could do that… and that’s not my category.

My gut says you’re looking in the wrong category and not yet using the best filters.

Filter by “Ave Customer Review” and you’ll usually get higher quality sellers. (It also helps if you find sellers with 50 reviews or more, but you don’t need that for your project.)

Try the “Illustration” category, those people all have Photoshop or some other great drawing program. Even I can do what you want (and I’m a VO artist…)


And of course, I drew an oval on mine, could have been a circle. All basic graphic programs can do that…

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It’s more along the lines of this- I have my image in the center and the circle around the edge that has the club name in it. I just need someone to draw the circle around it and put the name in the circle. I guess now I have been told to look for someone with adobe illustrator so I have messaged several more people.

Yes I suck at using these programs but even I could do it given enough time. It’s just too expensive to buy these programs when I’m not very good at using them and don’t want to use them. 61MZoO4FIYL._SY300_QL70_.jpg.8c8e126f189b9d6c9554eb5f55994b1b.jpg

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