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Help me please! my roder is in a low resolution


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I bouth an desing from one of the other designers but now i want to order om bussinescards en get the notification that the resolution is to low.
I contacted her yesterday about it and she said that she send mu an hi reloution.
So i called tehe bussines where i want to order my cards nbut they told me the resolution is realy to low.
What can i do now?
I payed already…the design is pritty but i want to do more with it…

Greetings Joyce from Holland.

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High resolution is not precise enough.

Find out the resolution you need for your cards. Look at what resolution the file you got from the seller is. Check that the file resolution is lower than what is needed for your cards. If it is, ask the seller if they can make the file resolution you need. Tell them what you need. They might say it’s extra. They might say they can’t do it. If they can’t do it look for a gig that changes file resolution and order that gig.

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