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My Plea to Fiverr's CC (I bet many of you are begging that Fiverr does something about this)


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I’m so tired of this. The following gig is a prime example of why sellers are upset about mutual cancellations hurting their level if they use it. Recently, I lost my level 2 because of buyers like this and I just got it back. But here we go again…I have to deal this type of customer over and over and over.

See this gig: XXXXXXXXXXX

He orders the gig without sending me a message first (I state in the gig description several times they need to contact me before ordering).

In his ordering instructions he says: “I need … 48 hour return completed project deadline please” (obviously he is selling my gigs and probably has a customer who wants it quickly)

Price isn’t the issue. I don’t have the time to meet his demands. If he would of messaged me I would of told him so.

I dealt with this customer before and he is unprofessional and a complete pain. Sellers should have the option of:

  1. Block customers from ordering from us again if unprofessional (not block their messages, but blocking them from ordering again)

  2. Be able to use mutual cancellation without it hurting our level that we work so hard for.

    The customer’s demands are unreasonable for this gig. My normal turn around is 9 days for a COMPLEX gig. Even my extra fast is longer than 48 hours, yet he wants me to turn it around in 48 hours.

    His demands are impossible, unless I quit my day job (I have a normal job 7 days a week, 10 hours a day), ignored all other gigs ahead of his and be his slave for the next 48 hours.

    Please Fiverr…let sellers use mutual cancellations without fear. I work my butt off and I think we deserve to be rewarded for our efforts instead of punished when dealing with customer’s demands that are unreasonable – plus, they add insult to injury by ignoring our gig instructions.


    p.s. I think customer like this game the system. They know darn well that they can make you their slave by giving you a poor rating if you don’t meet their demands. Hence, the reason they don’t contact the buyer before ordering – instead they just order, state their demands and you are at their mercy. Why Fiverr, haven’t you acknowledge this exists and do something to stop it without punishing the sellers.
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I am a buyer, not a seller.

I see this kind of issue again and again, and am COMPLETELY perperplexed by Fiverr’s obstinate lack of willingness to help sellers with this issue.

It seems beyond bizarre.

If a seller’s gig says “cheeseburgers, 9 hour delivery”, and a customer orders it and then writes a note that says “pizza, get it here in 2 hours”, that’s a problem. A big one.

I can’t figure out why a seller can’t cancel the order (within a quick time frame after order placed), click a button that says “buyer ordered something not on the menu” and be done with it. No seller penalty for that. Why would there be?

If fiverr needs to audit these and make sure both sides are legit, then fine. It’s all in writing right there anyway. Pizza or cheeseburger?

C’mon fiverr, we want and need great sellers. This is just stupid. I’ve had some really awful experiences with new sellers, but your core stable of hard-working sellers who have proven themselves need this fixed.

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Thanks gailf for your words of wisdom. I lost my level 2 ranking for using mutual cancellation. To be honest, when I lost my level 2, I was surprised since the cancellation was mutual, but Fiverr told me that is why i lost it. It doesn’t matter if it was mutual or not, it still counts against you. So I work my butt off, got my level 2 back and on the 2nd day of getting it back, I get this type of buyer. Needless to say, I’m a bit shy of using mutual cancellation after just getting my level 2 back. Actually, I would probably never have to cancel any gig, if the buyer reads the gig description and contacts me before ordering. A little communication before ordering goes a long way in getting things done to both the seller and buyer’s satisfaction.

As a side note. This paticular buyer I had to deal with before. Some of his tricks are – he orders the gig under a different gig that has a shorter turn aroung time(i.e. 1 day) and puts in the comments - this is for the white board animation gig (9 day turn around). I cancelled the order.

I have told him before to contact me before ordering. I really believe that he has his clients and is using my services to fill those orders. But his clients turn around time is not my problem, even though he keeps trying to game the system or making demands as if they were my problem.

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Blocking them from ordering again is a great idea!

After losing my level 2 status due to cancellations, my very next buyer led to a mutual cancellation due to them disregarding my gig instructions.

So what do they do?

They order another gig with this information:

انكشفت محاولة اضافية من مؤيدي مبارك لاقلاب حكم الاخوان المسلمين برآست محمد مرسي واتي تؤكد ان رجل الاعمال المطلوب، حسين سالم، يقوم بتغطية نفقات

مظاهرات ألاحتجاج ألمقررة لشهر ٣٠ بيونيو٠ وقد وصلت لايادينا شهادة جديدة تكشف أن ضامن ٱخر هو رجل ألاعمال نجيب ساويرس٠

Google translate tells me it is the same information I refused earlier, but in Arabic!!!

I contacted CS 2 days ago, but they have not got back to me, so now I will have to raise another mutual cancellation.

Sooooo frustrating!!

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I think that Fiverr should be more protective of their Sellers and when there is a mutual cancellation, a physical person should review the order AND the “damn good reason for canceling” before systematically penalizing the Seller (and why not the Buyer?), and there should be a way of blocking unwanted Buyers (it is our business after all and we should be able to choose who we want to do business with). Although Buyers are important to our business, our views on certain Buyers make the reputation of Fiverr, that’s what I think. =D>

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To me fiverr policy seems to work this way. If the seller is unethical, he gets punished. If If the buyer is unethical and the seller doesn’t meet his unethical demands, the seller agains gets punished. Does anyone else think this is unfair?

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