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How to avoid ORDER Cancellations?! TIPS INSIDE :)


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Hi, just got these few tips from experience and wanted to share with you;

  1. Make a separate tips gig, this will add you more( no way cancel) orders and thus will lower cancellation percentage.

  2. state in the description the work you do exactly for example if you are a designer and don’t do certain type of work like nude etc… state that in the gig description.

  3. In the instructions ask the buyers to be reasonable and not to ask for more than 5$ work unless they are going to pay for it.

  4. in the instructions ask the buyer to be polite and patient,and to give feedback during work on order.

    So fiverrs do you have any tips to add?

    or any thoughts of the above?

    Share with us, you always win by sharing 🙂

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  1. How is that going to stop people from cancelling? And why would they order in the first place?



  2. #FAIL…buyers STILL order regardless what’s said in the description.



  3. Be reasonable? Sounds like a reason to cancel.



  4. Ask them to be polite? Lol #FAIL




    I’m sorry but some buyers are just hardheaded, subborned, and demanding no matter what you do or say to them. How do you deal with buyers who order by accident? :-/

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Reply to @musiclover: 1. example above 2. Buyers usually read descriptions from what I hear from some of them at least. 3. be reasonable really works some ask for much work but these two words work as magic with me. 4.yes some are not polite but when you ask for that clearly it does something to the way they treat you 🙂

All of the above are working for me, i suggest you try maybe it will work for you 🙂

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Sorry asibi. You have a good heart, and congratulations on having been lucky enough to have reasonable, flexible buyers.

But other buyers (and let’s be honest - other some sellers too) have proven to be unreasonable. You assume that buyers can be persuaded to make a strong effort to place only orders that perfectly match the details and spirit of the seller’s specific gig.

But this forum is FULL of recent reports of sellers with detailed, seemingly honest reports of customers placing orders making outrageous demands about extra work, off-topic work, or super fast delivery times - all without extra pay. Not to mention the “accidental” placement of orders which are quickly cancelled or left in limbo, but all of which hurt a seller’s rating.

Fiverr offers no good answers on this. Sellers ARE getting frustrated and demoted by being punished for problems caused by some buyers not following/respecting the terms of the gig offer.

Isn’t that a good reason to cancel a contract under the “law” almost everywhere? If there is no “meeting of the minds” about what is being offered and accepted, then there is no a valid enforcable deal, and therefor should be no punishment. But Fiverr currently seems to insist that sellers “work it out” with the buyer or suffer the hit of bad feedback.

Asking that “everyone be more resonable” is a nice thought, but does not address the associated issue of what to do AFTER someone has already been unreasonable - which is lingering.

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