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Sellers , don't fall for the "I have plenty of orders for you!" trick


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TLDR: Dont accept an order from a buyer who wants your services for a discount unless they place orders that total up to a certain amount. Figure out what that amount is for your business… Figure out how much your clients should pay before you start giving discounts AND STICK TO IT.… if a client needs to place at least a $100 order (or set of orders) to get discounts… make sure they place that amount of orders. Don’t let them tell you , “Ok I’ll place $50 now and do the rest of the orders later… just give me a good deal and half off of (this) or (that) for this video so I’ll be able to afford the other ones” … Or some similar scam… It’s a scam…
Its 98% of the time a scam.
And the tie they are wearing in their profile picture doesnt mean jack 🙂

Detailed Post Below:

This is pretty common sense for most people… However… There are still times when I have that buyer who comes to me asking for a better deal on my normal price by telling me they have “Lots more work for me!”

Most of the time … in fact … 98% of the time statistically (yes thats my experience) … they don’t come back for more orders. They’ll love the work you did , maybe even rate you 5 stars , then disappear.

This is so common that I let it go in one ear and out the other.
Sellers you have to do this also.

The rate of buyers who will say this and not come back for more orders is almost 100%!
Its the biggest mystery on fiverr if you ask me because it makes no sense other than … most buyers on fiverr are cheap as hell and the cheaper they are , the more they are trying to screw the seller.

So , if you’re a seller reading this…

Follow my golden rule , or get screwed.

If the buyer has more orders to place and they want a discount… or want to “test your services” to make sure they will order more… and want a cheaper rate or a “good deal”… You tell them this…

Sure! We can help and give you a great bundled discount for placing multiple orders with us. To take advantage of the discounted pricing , you must place any number of orders totaling $XX amount of dollars. AT ONE TIME.

 So .. what you've done here is told the client they are not getting anything cheaper unless they fork out the $$.  For us , its the $200 mark.. 

You don’t get anything discounted unless you’re spending $200 with us at one time… Not $50 now and $150 later… hell no. Tell them to place the $200 (or whatever your limit is) now , in however many orders they want to place at one time … Tell them IT’S ONLY AT THE $200 mark (or whatever) … you get some deals on X , Y , or Z…

Hands down… end of discussion. No way around spending that amount of $$ to get discounts. Place that amount or get no discounts. Done … =)

Any other way ,and you leave yourself open to being scammed.

5 years here … 98% of clients who tell you they will buy more from you if you give them a deal do NOT come back for more. Its a scam … remember this.

I’m posting this because one guy recently really sounded like he had everything planned out and it looked like he had a series of videos ready but he wanted a few discounts… We made the mistake yet again of giving him a few freebies… but we were already aware of this problem… so we didn’t give him the full discounts on that first video… He didn’t know that… But I’m standing proud knowing I didn’t completely screw myself with this client (like I’ve done at least 20 times in the past).

It just served as a reminder … some buyers are out to get you … and you should NEVER listen to a buyer asking for discounts right away. Let them go somewhere else. They are pain in the @$$. All the time … not just sometimes… all the time. Show them that they won’t get their way with you. Let them do it to someone else. Value yourself at what you’re worth. Or forever be harassed like this.

Figure out how much money your client would have to spend in order for you to start discounting your services for them… AND HAVE THEM SPEND THAT MUCH RIGHT THEN AND THERE… include your bundled pricing and show them the discounts VS your normal pricing. But dont accept a message like “Ok can I place $50 of that now and see how it looks first?” – Cause you’re gonna get screwed.

This buyer I’m talking about will be reported to the trust + safety team later this week so they can have a look and make sure he’s not telling other sellers this just to get cheaper work from them.

This is your warning buyers 😉

And Sellers, I hope you take my advice… It will make fiverr.com a better platform in the long run… And you’ll make more $$ and deal with less problems from buyers that are too cheap to be running their own business anyway.

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“I will give you more work and less pay, starting with my first order with you” << How is that even supposed to sound lucrative to the seller? but many buyers do try to pull it off. 😂

Exactly… I let it go in one ear and out the other. I mention my pre-requisite for discounted pricing and that’s the end of it. I generally don’t hear back from those people anyway. Fiverr is a place you can get cheap stuff and attempt to take advantage of people at… so one or the other is going to happen.

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