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My Comeback Story-Fiverr -The Best Place To Start-


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Hello! I’m George and I am more then happy to share my experience with fiverr.
Why ? Because this website is the best platform I’ve ever seen and the most legit one.
This is the place from which I got my first revenue as a singer and songwriter and it still remains the best place to sell services like mine, especially when you are not well known and you want to make a name and/or build a career.
Why 'My Comeback Story '?
As a child I grew up with no money, so I promised to myself that whatever job I will have , I will work and progress everyday, but I never knew how twisted money can be and how much you can change when you are not ready for big incomes.
I will be honest, I deserved it FIVERR.
Last year, in december I had my account suspended.After working 2 year on that account {hentuga} I got my account closed. I was devasted but not defeated, I knew why they closed it, so i promised to myself that this time I will do it right.
I felt empowered and a voice behind my back whispering to me ‘make that account, try again, don’t give up’.
So I did. The universe responded to my call. I had my first order in less then 24 hours, from a lady that found me on facebook ,remembered my name {hentu } from my previous account and so my comeback story began.
In within 1 week I made 150$. I became level 1 last week…but that wasn’t all.
See, to become level 1 you have to be 30 days active,so for level 2 you just need orders.
Guess what ?Yesterday I passed 50 orders and soon enough {I guess it will take 1 day} I will be promoted to level 2.
On my other account it took me 6 freaking months, on this one…took me 1 month and 10 days.
I feel blessed to be in fiverr’s team and from now on…THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.
Thank you fiverr for everything!

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