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The MAIN rule for making alot of money on Fiverr [ARCHIVED]


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I started out 3 months ago and went from 0 sales to almost 400 sales! That’s 133ish sales per month! Not bad for 3 months on fiverr! I realized there is NUMEROUS things to do to sell good on this website but I want to share the one that is most important to me!

*** HARD WORK ***

Anything you do in life requires HARD WORK. It’s no different on this website. When you start out as a seller on fiverr, you basically have to work your way up the totem pole. So when starting on fiverr, make sure you work HARD. Even though a $5 gig becomes a $4 gig, make sure you treat EACH order like its a $50 order.

When you do this simple act of HARD WORK, you do lots of things in return! Faster delivery, more dedication, better quality and good customer rapport.

Finally and I promise you, you will be rewarded. I’m now 3 months into the site and now I have such a good following that I can charge more for my service, still deliver something of quality and have excellent ratings and feedback.


ps (dont know if i’m able to leave a link to my profile…)

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