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Newbie here... first forward steps... guidance sincerely appreciated

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Whether connected to their experiences in present past, parallel or even future lives, I have a gift for helping people see what they’re otherwise not seeing, and how to heal and release what restrictions have been placed on them.

I have an especial gift for using spiritual /energetic practices (in entertaining and fun ways, no less!) to help clients realize a more empowered self, so they can create from a place of greater authenticity. As such, they’re better able to embody their dreams, rather than long for them.

That said and while I have great success doing that for others, it seems slightly more challenging to do for myself LOL. An old story that I can drop I’m sure, but while I have no problem saying I’m an exceptionally gifted healer, marketing not so much hahaha. Being in a place where it’s by enlarge taken care of for me is the main reason I came to Fiverr. I did receive an order within my first day here, but any of your inspirations towards better helping potential clients would be welcome.

All in all, Fiverr seems like a really fantastic creative – and co-creative – venue!

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