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Disgusting and shocking


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I have just received the most disgusting reply from someone who claimed they could design a logo for a T shirt for me, Because I asked for revisions he clearly can NOT cope with, he sent a rude and disgusting picture and message to me! And I paid for that! I want a refund from this clown calling himself **********
I am shocked and offended!
Mod Note: Calling out another user in this way is not allowed on the forum regardless of the circumstances. I suggest you contact Customer Support regarding this incident immediately.

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As has been suggested this is something that needs to be reported. We need people like this off our site. Fiverr is a community and we need to look after each other. Let;s keep the good ones and throw out the trash!

I agree, I feel sickened to my stomach at the abuse from this person today, I am still waiting to hear back from customer service.

I have had to re order with someone else.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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