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As a new seller it is difficult to get any order lol


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What I feel is the key to success is #patience and #hardwork. Polish your profile, gig,method of approaching buyer etc. Am currently a new seller and I don’t complain but instead step beck and take a look at what am doing wrong and how to better myself.
Hope this help shout out to all the newbies…

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laughing out loud is definitely gonna help. 🙂

so you registered like literally a few days ago, and already posted on the forum about how hard it is for new sellers? 😃

your 1 gig provides no samples whatsoever about your higher selling tiers, there’s no link to past work, only 1 demo/cover image.

so I would start there. 🙂

Oh, I would also remove the “leave me a good review” part of your 4 step process for the buyer.

I made my account as buyer and im a seller what to do now?

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@eoinfinnegan THANK YOU!

I made a promise to myself that everyday I would be more active on the forum, trying to make time to actually try to help newcomers with their issues.

I never did it to be thanked, but I also never thought my advice would fall deaf ears. Let alone that I would be personally attacked or called names.

I see everyone here constantly posting about hitting buyers requests, sharing on social media, as if that’s the cut out answer for everyone. That’s not addressing the issue.

I read my replies back many times and I can see they may be perceived as “tough love”! 🙂

But it seems to me that when sellers ask about “why don’t I get orders” they expect a pat in the back and someone to hand them out something?

They are not really seeking for answers?

Anyway, I will keep at it for a little while longer. If I can help even one seller see what I see, I think it will be worth it.

I can see they may be perceived as “tough love”!

I think we’re not all so far from each other as some perceive it, all those people posting ‘the usual’ might actually say the same only with ‘more gentle love’ 😉 Both approaches are valid and helpful for different kinds of people, the addressees will make of it what they will anyway. A pity it’s so easy to hurt, if intentional or not, and feel hurt on the Internet, but it is what it is. Everyone who wants to use it, has to get to terms with that and find their own best way of how to deal with it. 🙂

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