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Show usernames for buyer requests or add structure to the request form


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I can see a buyer’s username in the mobile app, but not on the website. Why is that?
If I see a request that I’m interested in but it doesn’t have enough information then I would like to ask a question from the buyer before sending out my offer.

Currently I have to put down some fairly random price and ask the buyer not to accept this offer. Once they send me further details about their job I’ll make a new custom order with a more realistic price.

Maybe it’s hidden due to spamming concern, but why is it shown in the app then?

Another alternative is to create custom forms for the job requests. For example, if a user asks for SEO service for their website then it should be mandatory to provide website’s address and keywords they are trying to rank for. Or if a user asks for an article then it should be mandatory to provide topic & word count.

The fact is that most buyers don’t really know how to write proper requests. Giving them a 1200 character text field is not enough.

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