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I'm new here, advice please!


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Read the academy
Read the forum posts (conversations, tips for sellers, tips for buyers, improve my gig are the most important)
Read the blog/listen to podcasts
Look at other gigs

When you’ve done that, post a request in ‘improve my gig’ and you may get some constructive suggestions or you’ll just get the same suggestions everyone else gets, which is why you should read the forum posts in that category. There’s nothing new to be said.

For the moment: For Chuck’s sake, pick any gig except logo design. This is the gig least likely for new sellers to get orders because it’s full of people chancing their luck who don’t know what they’re doing. Use your imagination. Look for things you can do that don’t have as many sellers.

When you do set up your new gig, look at other gigs. There’s a reason sellers are very precise about what a buyer does and doesn’t get with every package. Buyers like to know what they’re getting. Sellers don’t want to spend time doing an endless set of revisions because they’re gig description said they’d do whatever the buyer wanted and the buyer’s holding them to that.

I do wish you a good experience on Fiverr, and it will be part luck, but it will mostly be what you put in to it. This is a professional website. If you look and act professionally you’ll do okay.

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