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A more sophisticated buying screen (especially for writing gigs)


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The other day a guy bought my gig package for 1000 words, stating he only needed 500 words. We solved this in the end, but I thought that maybe the buying screen is not ideally suited for writing gigs and maybe some other work that can really be done in all quantities possible. This made me think of a better way for the buying screen for writing gigs.

These proposals contain some of my own wishes and some to make it easier for the buyer.

  • a buyer should be able to give in a certain amount of words and then a price for the job is calculated. Since you can make custom offers of for example $6, the price doesn’t need to be added. The could be some formula making bigger jobs a bit cheaper
  • the price of research is now a fixed fee. With a calculator, you could make it into a percentage. $10 for research is too much for a 300 word article, but not enough for a 2000 word article.
  • Beyond a certain threshold, it should say that the proposal will be messaged to the seller, maybe with some additional questions to smoothen the process
  • distinguish between different kind of writing (rewriting, seo texts and blog posts) within the same screen with different prices attached to it.
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