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New seller here, I photoshop fruitpeople and make dancevideos - any tips how to really get started?


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Hi there, so I’m new here, since yesterday, and created my first gig, this one: https://www.fiverr.com/banatterie/poorly-photoshop-you-into-a-fruit-of-your-choice?funnel=65da238d-686a-4fcd-b100-0db09f8c31f2
But as expected (I guess), new projects are kinda hidden and hard to find. So do any of you maybe have good tips on how to get first sellers, to how to be noticed (except of just sharing the gig on social media)?


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Hey @banatterie!

I actually replied to a similar question recently for another user. I hope this helps! 😃

It can be a little daunting during the first couple of months if gig purchases are slow. One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned as a Seller is that depending upon what category your gig is in, the number of people already established with similar gigs to yours, and the general sporadic, unpredictable nature of purchased gigs on Fiverr, the most valuable quality is patience. It sounds cliche, but if you’re constantly anticipating when someone’s going to buy your gig next, you’ll be WAY too stressed out.

To help your gigs become more presentable, I have found that taking advantage of any and all setting formats that Fiverr has to offer on your gig is crucial. A well thought-out and neat looking purchasing format relays to the buyer that you are serious about your profile, and have put a lot of thought and hard work into making it a success.

Make your gigs unique to you. Buyers appreciate seeing individuality in your profile. I cannot tell you the number of times buyers have told me one of the reasons they purchased my gig is because I included a joke about being a “broke college student” in my bio. With that in mind, use your individuality to your advantage by marketing yourself in a unique way. Creating your gigs’ pictures in a unique style will help viewers recognize you, and be able to see your presence online.

The first couple of purchases you get are crucial! To try to encourage buyers, before getting established, it helps to lower your prices, and speed up your delivery time. Many times, buyers would prefer to have their purchase delivered faster and for a lower price so much that they would forgo the Featured Sellers, and go with a newcomer.

Your first couple of purchases are the most important for your profile and your gigs. Since Fiverr is big on numerical analysis, it is important to get the highest ratings you can starting out. With newcomers joining Fiverr and adding gigs everyday, it’s highly unlikely that potential customers are going to want to buy from a poorly reviewed/rated newcomer. Give your first customers the most quality customer service, flexibility, fastest response time, and most satisfactory experience you can, and their highly appreciative ratings and reviews will be the fuel your business needs to get off the ground.

I hope this helped, and if you have any other questions, feel free to message me!

J.P. Fryar

[P.S. When I said newcomer, I meant in regards to presence on Fiverr, not duration of time that they have been here.]

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