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Delivery Message? How do you use words efficiently?


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Hello, beautiful sellers! 😃

Since first joining Fiverr I kept changing my delivery message. Now, I keep thinking how to make it sound more professional, inviting (to convince buyers check my other gigs), and determine buyers to leave a review.

How does your delivery message look like? I would love to hear your perspectives 😊

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Dear [buyer’s Preferred Name]:

Thank you for choosing to work with me. / It’s been a pleasure working with you. / [something along these lines.]

Here is [what we’ve discussed].

As a bonus, I’ve attached [specific lagniappe for this delivery].

Your feedback helps me improve my future offerings.

Thank you,

P.S. My current rate of feedback is @83%.

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I found that telling a buyer exactly what you did for them so they could see the work you put into it seems to work great. And then I usually finish mine off by saying if they need any video work done in the future to feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. I have received a many return clients from this.

Best of luck,

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Hello Anamaria 🙂

I don´t have a standard delivery message, I write whatever I think suits the occasion and customer, so it ranges from an impersonal ‘Here is your delivery of xyz, thank you for your order’-version to something more, or yet more, personal/individual, depending.

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