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I Find Logo Design Interesting - How can you price it?


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So there are 33,000 logo design gigs on Fiverr and all have different prices, options, extras, quality, styles etc. It would however, take a brave Fiverr seller to ask for this much for this (various reports say somewhere between €200,000 - €2,000,000)

The background - Juventus, the so called Old Lady of Italian football, a legendary club who have enjoyed huge success and employed some of the most famous footballers in history. Most importantly, they were my boyhood love - playing the kind of football the modern great teams could only dream of, with current Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane their star player strutting his stuff each week.
Recently, they have been trying to gain more financial success by marketing their brand. As part of this effort, they have had a new logo/club crest designed which has been blasted by the majority of their fans and the press. Below is the evolution of the club crest in the past 100 years, with the latest incarnation at the end.


As you can see it is quite a departure from their previous designs.
I have to say, I love it. I have read a bit about the background, the idea behind it and where it came from and the vision for the future of the club.
However, when I first saw it, (it was in a video mocking it with someone drawing the design with MS Paint), I did wonder, if a Fiverr seller produced this for a buyer - how many revisions would they ask for? Would they just cancel the order outright? What kind of review would they give?
Or would they, perhaps, tip up to the minimum amount quoted for this design - €4.44 order + €199,995.56?

I just don’t know how to price logos, any designers want to talk about it?

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I kind of-sort of offer logo-ish stuff too, and yeah, they are tricky.
It took me a while to decide how the heck to work around it, and what I define as a
In my case when someone asks for a logo, my price is simply based on the number of characters they want and the amount of colors/details.
I usually send them a very rough sketch ( usually like 4-5 designs) and ask if I’m on the right track, let them chose from the rough sketch, I make sure THAT is the one they like, and I move onto the final version. I will do a revision if I have clearly made a mistake or misunderstood the buyer’s intentions. If the buyer changes his/her mind, I’ll charge another gig.
So far the highest price I charged for a logo was $50, but usually it’s around $10-15.

I have NO idea how much other logo designers are charging and how they work…😕

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