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Does anyone know this app?


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Hello there Fiverr Family,

I just read through this Fiverr blog and I have a question.

Embrace Automation

If This Then That, IFTTT, is an awesome free service utilized by many self-employed individuals. Applets allow you to link common services, apps and devices to trigger specific actions when rules are met. As an example, there is an Applet that will add a task to your Google Calendar when you receive a Fiverr order. There is also one that will send out a tweet when you receive a positive review from a Buyer.

Every independent contractor knows the importance of maximizing every dollar and every hour. A few small tweaks can help make 2017 your best side hustle year yet.
You can read the entire blog here

Does anyone know that name of the app that will send out an automatic tweet when you get a review on Fiverr?

Thank you – Pastor Dre

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