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Does Fiverr allow subcontracting between two fiver vendors?


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Hello, I report here my recent experience about a particular level 1 vendor on Fiverr who asked me to help him in an Italian to English translation for an order that he received from a Fiverr client. My suspect was that he requested me an order and than he would have sold it to his client with a major price of mine. My question is: does Fiverr allow this type of subcontracting between vendors or not? This action doesn’t seem really polite from a level 1 vendor.

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Happens all the time. I have Whiteboard/Video creators subcontract the VO work to me regularly. They are some of my best customers.

As long as they pay the rates posted, it works fine.

Why does this bother you? (or seem unfair?)

As a side note: In nearly all businesses, getting and keeping clients is more difficult than doing parts of the work.

Even if you also do VO work, you may be far better at getting the work then me (better marketing, better customers service, or whatever…), and then subcontract some/part of the work to others like me.

That person re-selling your service may be adding other things to the deal for the client (adding value) beyond just the part you did.

All fair…

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Perfect, it was just a curiosity in fact there is no clause on Fiverr ToS. Thanks for your replies 🙂

** Sight ** I hope it’s not any of the vendors/sellers I’ve been using.

I’ve used several translators the past month from English to . . .

I suppose it really doesn’t matter as long as I am getting a good product. Someone had a thread, can’t remember who, titled: “Just Because You Pay More Doesn’t Mean You Get More (or Better)” - somewhere along that line.

This makes me think the $5 for 500 word translators are just as good, if not better than the $10 for 200 word translators.

Okay, so now I’m off to find level 0, translators!!

EDIT: So, I’ve seen sellers with reviews from other sellers in the same field. I had wondered why someone with a gig offering proofreading would hire someone to do proofreading in that exact field that he was offering , , , ding, ding, ding, - now I know why.

Funny, originally, I thought they were trading reviews. Then I also knew that he was leaving reviews on other proofreaders but none of them were leaving him a review - so no trade there. Of course, if he was smart, he wouldn’t have left a review.

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There´s no regulation for that really, unless you´ll go into the IP/copyright parts of TOS maybe, for some cases.
There are a lot of resellers in translation. There are good resellers and there are bad resellers, and this is leaving apart the question if reselling in general is good or bad, there´s already some discussions on that on the forum.

I just want to leave something here for @gina_riley2 and others wondering about translation, prices and such: Here in Germany kind of an ‘official’ understanding is, that a translator can do ~ 2000 words/day, if the translation is done well. The number depends on some factors like what kind of text it is, if it´s ‘flowing’ word text or text in excel tables or PDFs etc., on how young someone is and how often they need to look at something that´s further away than a screen to relax their eyes and not get migraines and so on 😉 but ‘it´s a housenumber’ as we say in Germany, for some insight.
Prices themselves again are a question of a lot of other factors again then obviously, does a person depend on that income or do they live with their parents and it´s just pocket money, how are the COL where they are, do they need to pay taxes etc., but the number of words which it´s possible to translate well, doesn´t differ that much, so it´s a nice number to know and it can be useful to calculate if someone actually is able to do all their work by themselves or not - in case that even is of interest, as Gina says, ‘I suppose it really doesn’t matter as long as I am getting a good product’ will be true for many and hold true in many cases, though not in all, not going into that, but I suppose authors can imagine what I mean, and those are the ones most affected by it anyhow. 🙂

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