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What should be done if a gig is rejected?


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@jayant_akolkar: Don’t listen to bachas85, she maybe a top rated seller, but she has no clue what she is talking about!

After doing a bit of digging around I’ve noticed that you are selling commercial software as your gigs. The username used on Fiverr is the same as the name of the software author which may or may not be accurate. I am going to assume that since you posted here, you are an honest seller and you really are the author of this software.

If that is indeed the case, open a new support ticket with Fiverr, provide a link to the gig that was rejected and also include the details that prove you are the author. For example, use the email address from the same domain where you sell your apps, that can help prove ownership.

Side note for other sellers that are installing Open Source aka Public Domain software: You will need to seek and get the author of said software to contact Fiverr on your behalf to indicate they have knowledge and do not object to your making a profit from said installation. Also, they could just confirm that it does not violate the terms of use for their software.

Fiverr staff do not have time to read a license for your software, the onus of proof is on you.

Coming back to bachas85’s comment, I successfully had one of my gigs approved by using this very method, therefore there is no need to come back to flame me for providing accurate information instead of speculation.

BTW, it took me several weeks and several messages to get all this done, it was not an easy task and my gig gets flagged often when I edit it, causing me to re-open another ticket, wait 2 days to get it re-approved. It’s a long hard road not for the weary…

My .02 watts…

hope this helps…

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