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I have a questions


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I have a couple of questions…

my android phone install fiverr apps and i’m always active my fiverr account, however my profile always show “online” but when i search my gig and click fiverr online filter then don’t show my gig, i don’t know whats wrong, so please give me any better idea for me ???

other way :: my account when login on my laptop or PC then again search my gig and click online filter then show my gig on fiverr online search result !!!

Hope to get some answers.


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What keywords are you using to search your gig?
Note that the niche you are in, is over saturated and so are the keywords.
Even I had similar issues wherein my gig would not show up in the search results for my keywords.
Fiverr told me that they cannot guarantee the position of the gig or even their visibility for specific keywords.
Since you have no ratings on your profile, it is possible that your gig do not appear in the search results for now.
But I would get this checked with Fiverr CS to be sure

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To be totally honest with you, the online filter isn’t really that important. It’s just another way you can be filtered in search, but it has zero impact on your overall ranking when someone searches for a Gig in your niche.

As for the “online” feature itself, you have to be logged in for like 30 minutes to an hour for this to pop up, but again, it doesn’t have any affect on your ranking so I personally would not sweat it.

If your Gig isn’t appearing in search at all, that’s another can of worms all together and you should bring that information to Fiverr CS (along with a link to your Gig) so they can review it for you.

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