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JPEG Fromat Photo in Photoshop 8 bit or 16 bit! Graphic Design


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Hello All Sellers, It’s Quick question. With Photoshop in 16-bit mode, is a JPEG image actually being processed above 8-bit depth or simply within 16-bit depth?

It will be, If you do anything to the image that multiplies the (original 8 bit) pixel values by something that results in a ‘fractional’ answer, using 16 bit will allow that accuracy to be held and further multiplied, before the output translation/rounding to 8 bit again for us to view.
If you start 8 bit and process 8 bit, each successive process step MAY result in successive rounding errors and the final result may look obviously posterior - or you could call it “painterly” and insist it was deliberate.

Lets discourse about this topic…

Thank you

Mod Note: This is not a Tip for Sellers, it is introduced by OP as a discussion starter. Flagged as off-topic in the tips category and moved.

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Hello @chelseaserena0,

I was curious about your unusual topic and checked your profile to see what your gigs are. I noticed that you have a problem with your profile and you might want to correct it before you get into trouble with Fiverr. Your tagline says “Graduate and Professional in Photoshop and Illustrator also Top Seller” but your badge appears to be a level 2 badge, not a Top Seller badge. I suggest that you fix it.

As to your Q&A, it appears that you asked a question and then answered it so I’m missing your discussion point, so I’ll opt out of further discussion on that.

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