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Should I go with Payoneer or PayPal? - wost experience with PayPal


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To me, PayPal simply works best. Not only I can withdraw small amounts of money, but I can also use it for online payments, such as ordering food or buying credit for my phone.

I think in my country it works better because it doesn’t have as much fees as Payoneer, and withdrawing funds usually takes 2 working days, which I find pretty fast. 😊

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I was seriously looking for some information on how do Payoneer and PayPal stand in Indian sellers’ context. When I came across this post I skipped it by thinking it’s a year old (Jan '16), but it actually is just 1 month old.
Thank you @djgodknows for guiding me to this post.
Thanks to @silkroute and @taverr for sharing your experience. I made the first withdrawal through Payoneer today. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe you guys can make an independent thread which will be more appropriate for Indian sellers (that’s my thought). 🙂

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