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Use your Gig Cover

Guest amalya_grafix

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Guest amalya_grafix

Welcome All Sellers for fiverr v2…

I think New Gig cover is important for our selling…Because It is eye catching,professional And you can steal Buyer heart…

You can use it for your sale…But It is not advertisement poster…

Use It for your gig…

You can check My Gig…It has Gig cover…What Do you think about my idea?

All the Best 🙂


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Doesn’t look like your cover has been approved yet; I can’t see it.

I had mentioned this elsewhere but I think I’ll say it again:

Cover photos seem extremely pointless if you aren’t allowed to add text (which, by the way, some users are getting away with). “Above the fold” content is the most important piece of web real estate and, as someone who writes articles, slapping a picture of my pearly whites isn’t going to help my gig at all. Words are what I sell, but I can’t put them on MY cover photo? What should I do? Snap a picture of a blank sheet of paper and a pen?

An illustrator or logo designer can get a LOT out of cover photos because he or she can simply show off their illustrations and designs. How can a writer/translator/etc. show off their work if words aren’t allowed? Buyers and sellers are here to make transactions, not look at cover photos that provide no value.

P.S. Pretending someone else’s logos are your own to entice users to buy your gig is quite unethical (and against TOS I’m sure). Here are the 4 logos you show in your gig image:





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