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How to get a second order


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The first and foremost you need to write captivated description so that you can entice the customer to look at your gig and the second thing you need to promote your gig on Facebook Groups,twitter,quora and many social media platforms.
Hope this will help you and best of luck for your future endeavor.

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I see you have “I will design an attractive logo for you” as one of your gigs.

There are over 50,000 sellers offering logo design on Fiverr. Having shopped around and hired several logo designers, there are a few things I have discovered. Many designers simply download stock photos and put it into their portfolio to display.

When I see too many nice looking logos on one page, it may not look like your design but a copy or a replica from google.

I highly recommend you make your logo profile stand out by posting something unique that calls to the buyer and let them know YOU designed it. Create a mock logo with your name or a fictious company or if you have designed a logo for a company, see if you can get permission from them to display it.

When I go shopping for logos, I like to see different gigs for each one I am in the mood for, such as a gig for 3D, 2D or flat, Signature, Simple, Artistic, etc. I think some sellers try to cram 5 different logos into one gig and I can’t make head/tails of what they are offering or even good at.

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